FAQ of NMC eForms

1. What is NMC eForm?
NMC eForm is the first web based facility to submit your applications & payments for NMC test and licensing examinations online.

2. How can I submit my NMC eForm online?
Register with NMC
Log in with your credentials
Submit your personal details and academic details.
Apply for the exam
Make payment through eSewa
Download & print the entrance card
3. How do I register for NMC eForm?
To register click here
4. What are the post-registration & payment process? 
After registration & verifying your account, you need to fill your personal details and information about contact address & academic achievements. Your registration gets completed after submitting information like Date & duration of study, Board & College registration numbers, Scores: percentage & GPA & one referee, compulsorily a NMC registered doctor. You, furthermore, need to submit & upload relevant internship document for licensing examination.
After uploading the relevant necessary documents, you can confirm your application by clicking on proceed to payment option. You will get options for pay now and pay later.
If you are an eSewa user, click pay now and complete the transaction via your eSewa login credentials after being redirected to the eSewa payment portal. You can save a PDF version of the transactions details for further use.
If you choose to pay later, a token for payment of exam will be generated. This shall be used while making the payment through the eSewa zone/point at your ease.

5. How can I receive my admit card after I make payment ?
After making payment your document will be sumbitted and NMC will cross verified.After verification you will receive your admit card in your registered valid email id .
6. How can I make payments for my NMC eForm online?
eSewa facilitates you to make your application fee payment online within a CLICK.

7. How can I see NMC eForm submissions?
You will receive the confirmation/token for NMC exam & payment confirmation instantly by email.

8. Can I submit multiple applications?
No. You can submit one application for one examination. If you wish to appear in more than 1 examination conducted by the NMC in different dates, you can submit multiple applications.

9. Can I submit the NMC eForm in holidays?
Yes. You can submit your NMC eForm anytime within the deadline framed by the NMC.
10. How can I save my application? Can I stop in the middle of the application and return to it later?
Yes. You can save your application or return to a partially completed application. The documents once uploaded can be used later anytime for the application purpose.

11. What if I lose my internet connection, the application “times out,” or I receive an error? Will my application be lost?
You will need to log in to retrieve your application. Once you log in, you can proceed from the last saved page. But, you need to re-submit the test information if the token for NMC examination is not generated.
12. How much does NMC eForm cost?
NMC eForm charges are applicable as per the NMC rules & regulations. eSewa is completely free for making the payment and thus no extra charges are subjected.
13. Is the NMC eForm service available in eSewa Web and Mobile app?
Yes. eSewa user has access to the NMC eForm service through eSewa web and mobile application.
Click here to register for eSewa account



If you cannot upload the file.
Maybe one of these hints can solve your problem:

1. We can only accept the following file formats: doc, docx, jpg, pdf, png, rar, zip
2. It is not possible to upload blank documents.
3. Every applicant is allowed to upload a maximum total of 3 MB for all documents.
4. Maybe your firewall does not allow you to upload your data and you receive an error message called „bad request“. In this case, this problem is not caused by uni-assist but the computer you use to upload your files.

If Another error occurred.
Please send us a message via our contact form and describe the error message as precisely as possible. If you receive an error message, please send us the URL address in your browser and the exact wording of the error message. If possible attach a screenshot to your message. We will then try to solve your problem as soon as possible.