eSewa Verification

You can register to eSewa through your mobile phone or through web (visit In either case, after you are registered, you can immediately start using services of eSewa with following limitations:
  1. You can hold only Rs.9999 in your eSewa wallet
  2. You will be able to transact up to Rs. 500 per transaction and Rs. 5000 per month.
  3. Restriction on transferring money from wallet to Banks
  4. Restrictions on certain premium services such as Western Union Pickup
You need to complete eSewa’s KYC procedures to be eligible to use above mentioned services. Information, documents and procedures to complete KYC in eSewa has been briefed below:

Verified User

As per new policy formulated by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), regulatory body of Payment Service Provider (PSP) like us, user must submit KYC details with digital copy of government issued identification document (Citizenship/License/Passport) along with PP sized photo and must get verified to transact on full fledge. User who has provided all the necessary details and have got duly verified by eSewa KYC verification team is classified as verified user.


Advantages of Getting Verified.

  1.  Verified user will be able to transact on extended limit.

  2. Verified user can received amount from Wester Union directly in their wallet.

  3. Verified user can withdraw their wallet money to any accounts maintained at eSewa member banks.

  4. Verified user can tranfer amount from one eSewa wallet to another eSewa wallet.

  5. Verified user can transact more than NPR.500 at a time and NPR.5000 in a month.

1. Information/Details Required:

eSewa has designed and issued a form that needs to be filled up (either online or physically) and details required are as follows:
  • Full Name

  • Mobile Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Gender

  • Father’s Name

  • Mother’s Name

  • Grandfather’s Name

  • Permanent Address (Including Zone, District, VDC/Municipality, Ward, Locality)

  • Occupation

  • Citizenship Certificate Number (National ID)

  • Citizenship Certificate Issued Date

  • Issuing District


2. Identification Documents Required:

  • Passport Sized Formal Photo

  • Clear Scanned Copy of both side of original Citizenship


Size of the each document when uploaded should not exceed 1 MB and must be in jpeg format.

3. Cases of Identification Documents Disqualified


3.1Photographs (with illustration where necessary)

  • Inappropriate Dimensions: Documents with dimensions other than prescribed (Passport Sized) are disqualified.
  • Photos with informal orientation or gestures (illustrations produced below):

3.2. Other Documents(Citizenship, Passport, Driving License) 

  • Unclear, blurry or low resolution copy of citizenship certificate/Passport

  • Only Single Side of Citizenship Certificate is uploaded

  • Contents of Citizenship Certificate/Passport is altered, erased or tampered with

  • Signature of authority is missing or doubtful

4. Process of Submitting KYC Request Online


 4.1. Login eSewa page through


4.2. Login with your eSewa Credentials


4.3. Go to My AccountTab and Click on Profile tab just beneath it.

4.4. Click Identity Verification


4.5. Fill up details & Upload Documents 

Fill up required information and upload identification documents as mentioned. Note that document should be uploaded in .jpg format and each document must be within 1MB size. Click on Submit button after completion

4.6.Click "Confrm"  to finally request for KYC verification.


4.7.Your details and documents are requested for verification.


It takes 4-5 business days for your details to be verified.You shall receive a phone call in your registered mobile number by eSewa representatives and may even be asked to visit nearest outlet or branch of eSewa.We also use online platforms such as Skype and Viber to connect to users if necessary and appropriate.You will also see green “Verified” text besides your name in eSewa Login (upper right corner). 

Thank you.