eSewa Load from Laxmi Bank


Step 1: Login to the ibanking of Laxmi Bank (Click Here)

Step 2  After login, you can see the below page and then click on "Bills"option.

Step 3 : Click on “Bill Payment” option and then "Payee Setup" option

Step 4 Click on "eSewa Payment" option

Step 5  Insert valid eSewa id then click on "Add." Now your eSewa id has been added successfully and a new payee has been setup. (STEP 1 to Step 4 is for first time payee setup only)

Step 6   Now again go to the "Bill Payment option" and then click on" Make a New Payment" and select "One time  payment to a standard payee."

Step 7 After payee set up is completed, click on make a new payment to load in eSewa. Select 'eSewa payment' in "Pay To" option, enter the amount as required and don't forgot to tick at "Make Hot payment."


Finally, click on "Pay" button after that your transaction will be successful for eSewa load.