eSewa Load from Global IME Bank

Step 1 : Login to the online banking of Global ime bank (Click Here)

Step 2 After login, you can see the below page.

Step 3: Click on “Bill Payment” option

Step 4 Click on Bill payment  and then select “ Merchant payment” option.

Step 5 Click on "eSewa" Option


Step 6 Enter your eSewa id  and  amount  then  click on "Submit" option.

Step 7 Once you submit the tranction, confirmation will be apear, then "Confirm" your transaction.

Step 8  You will receive a code in your registered mobile, then enter the code on the "OTP Code" and click on "Pay"

Note: OTP code is one time password which will be generated once the customer initiate the transaction in his/her registered mobile.



Step 9 After clicking on Pay button, amount will be sucessfully transferred to your eSewa wallet.