City Montessori _Fee Payment Procedure

If your are eSewa registered user.
  • From eSewa web application


1) Login to with your login credentials.

2) Click on Montessori & Pre-School Fee Payment from the list of Services and choose City Montessori.

3) Fill in the required details in the form and click on Submit button to proceed for fee payment.

4) You can click on Confirm button to proceed the payment or Cancel button to hold the fee payment.

5) You can view the details of your fee payment.

6) On clicking Save As PDF, you will get the fee payment receipt with an option to save or print it.

    . From eSewa mobile application:


1) Download eSewa mobile app from Google Play Store.

2) Tap on Payments from Main menu.

3) Tap on Montessori Fee Payment.

4)Fill in the required details in the form and tap on Confirm button to proceed for fee payment.

5) You will see the details you have filled to make fee payment and tap on Confirm button.

6) Enter your 4 digits MPIN to tap and Send button to confirm your payment.

  • Enter your own mobile number in the fee payment form to receive fee payment confirmation as SMS notification from eSewa (32121).
  • You will be charged NPR 15.00 extra as transaction charge on every fee payment.
  • We shall be donating 1/3 of the revenue earned from education service to less privileged children with our small effort to enlighten their life with an education.

If you are not eSewa registered user, click here to learn 3 steps to use eSewa: eSewa Registration, Load Fund and Make Payment.


You can visit the nearest eSewa Outlet to make your child's fee payment.

For more details, call us at our Toll Free 1660-01-02121 or write us at

                                                     Thank You.